The Meeting of the CBSS Political Directors

The CBSS Political Directors met in Stockholm on 30 March 2006 with a view to holding an informal exchange of views on the future co-operation in the Region and provid impetus to the preparations of the VI Baltic Sea States Summit in Reykjavik, 7-8 June 2006.


The discussions among the Political Directors were positive and constructive. They stressed the importance of the regional cooperation within the CBSS and that its role should be constant re-evaluation, it should be project-based and have added value. There is a need to make achievements and progress more visible to the public and to feature the CBSS as a model of sustainable and fruitful cooperation outside the Baltic Sea Region.


While it was the general opinion that duplication with other international and intergovernmental organisations should be avoided, the idea came up, and received some support, that the CBSS should develop a role of a “pilot” area for enriching the EU-Russia dialogue on 4 Common Spaces.


Most of the Political Directors mentioned environmental issues as a top priority, especially maritime transportation and safety. Many directors also mentioned energy cooperation, economic cooperation, the fight against crime, cross-border cooperation and activities aimed at strengthening democracy and civil society, as areas that the CBSS should focus on. This coincides with the priorities of the Icelandic Presidency.