Incoming Director of the CBSS visits Iceland

Dr. Gabriele Kötschau and Kornelíus Sigmundsson Amb. Kornelíus Sigmundsson and Dr. Gabriele Kötschau

Dr. Gabriele Kötschau who will take over as Director of the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS) Secretariat on 1 September had a meeting with Ambassador Kornelius Sigmundsson, Chairman of the Committee of Senior Officials at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Iceland, on 15 August.

Dr. Kötschau and Ambassador Sigmundsson discussed the priorities of the Icelandic Presidency, the Calendar for the coming year and the most effective method of cooperation between the Presidency and the Secretariat. Dr. Kötschau also met Mr. Skafti Jónsson, Chairman of the Working Group on Economic Cooperation, Mr. Ragnar Baldursson the Chairman in the Working Group of Senior Energy Officials and Heidrun Palsdottir, member of the CSO.

As Director of the CBSS Secretariat in Stockholm, Dr. Kötschau will be a key contact for the Presidency, since the Chairman of the CBSS will rely on the Secretariat for technical and organisational support.

Iceland welcomes Dr. Kötschau and looks forward to cooperating with her and the other excellent staff members of the Secretariat.