Calendar of CBSS events during the Icelandic Presidency (July 2005/June 2006)

Last update: 27 December 2005


Date Location Meeting
1 July 2005 Riga (Latvia) Euro Faculty – Closing Ceremony at the University of Riga, Tartu
22 August 2005 Hamburg (Germany) Baltic Sea Monitoring Group on Heritage Cooperation, meeting.
28-30 August 2005 Vilnius (Lithuania) 14th Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference (BSPC)
5-6 September 2005 Jaroslavl (Russian Federation) Working Group for Cooperation on Children at Risk (WGCC) meet National Coordinators and Comptence Centres
7-8 September 2005 Warsaw (Poland) Ad-hoc Working Group on Transport (WGT) meeting
15-16 September 2005 Reykjavķk (Iceland) BASREC Group of Senior Energy Officials (GSEO) meeting
19 September 2005 Gdańsk (Poland) 6th Conference of CBSS Ministers for Spatial Planning & Development
26-27 September
Bergen (Norway) 7th Conference of the CBSS Ministers of Culture
28-29 September 2005 Turku (Finland) CSO Meeting
29 September 2005 Turku (Finland) Coordination meeting with the 4 Baltic Sea Subregional organisations (UBC, BSSSC, B-7, CPMR-BSC)
29 September - 2 October 2005 Turku (Finland) Union of the Baltic Cities (UBC) VII General Conference

12-14 October 2005

Copenhagen (Denmark) 9th Meeting of the CBSS Directors general of Tax Administrations
27-28 October 2005 Reykjavķk (Iceland) 4th Meeting of the CBSS MInisters of Energy
7-8 November 2005 Vilnius (Lithuania) CBSS Working Group on Nuclear and Radiation Safety (WGNRS)
15-16 November 2005 Reykjavķk (Iceland) CSO Meeting
17-18 January 2006 Reykjavķk (Iceland) CSO Meeting
19-20 January 2006 Stockholm (Sweden) WGDI meeting
14-15 February 2006 Brussels (Belgium) CSO Meeting
2-3 March 2006 WGEC (venue to be confirmed)
27-28 March 2006 Stockholm (Sweden) WGDI Meeting
28-29 March 2006 Stockholm (Sweden) CSO Meeting
30 March 2006 Stockholm (Sweden) CBSS Political Directors Meeting
May 2006 Reykjavķk (Iceland) CSO Meeting
7-8 June 2006 Reykjavķk (Iceland) 6th Baltic Sea States Summit

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